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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Next time on E Society Podcast! November 15th 2016

Next time on E Society pod. Episode 11

-Broncos crazy extra point block for the win. 

- Warriors games. Vs Suns and Vs Raptors

-Force awakens 3D blu commentary. 

-Rogue One 360

-Star Wars Episode 9. 65mm film. 

-Smugglers Bounty Empire Strikes Back. 

-Ghost in the shell trailer / Akira 

-Kong: Skull Island new trailer

-Vulture outfit in Spider-Man homecoming. 

-Chappelle Walking Dead 

-Walking Dead's big Reveal? Episode 4. 

-Inhumans. Runaways. Cloak and dagger tv shows. 

-Marvel character trade. Deadpool and Guardians Of The Galaxy. 

-Gold BB-8 and more Black Friday 

-Random Song of the week

-Random Movie of the week

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