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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Zissou's Outfit lineup. First 7 outfits Swtor 3.2 OutFit Designer.

Couldn't wait for this feature. The Outfit Designer! I always enjoyed outfitting characters in this game. As seen when i did the big post last summer on how i outfitted all my characters and their companions. I spent a few hours yesterday jumping around characters and outfitting. Seemed only fitting i make a post. Starting with Zissou's outfits. Most of these are outfits from his past. A few spiced up. I wanted to make sure i left a good amount of sots oen for future outfits and ideas. And i have all the other characters to outfit as well. 

Starting with one of my favorite outfits Zissou wore during 2013. Actually just the chest piece, all the other parts of this are from newer sets. So an updated look on a classic :P Kind of like a Sith Bounty Hunter. The chest-piece CZ-5 Armored Assault. Mandalorian Clansman Helmet(Hidden atm) and Bracers. Unbreakable Veteran Gloves, Belt, Legs, and Boots.

Outfit for at least the last months. Naga Sadow Chestplate, Gloves, and Bracers. Marka Ragnos Helmet, and Belt. KDY Shipwright legs. Dreadseed Boots.

Pvp armor from years ago. The Elite War Hero Weaponmaster full set.

The first pvp set. Centurion Weaponmaster set. And it's close to the Marr Look with more Black and Grey.

The Winter Look. Thermal Retention Goggles, Belt, and Bracers. Polar Exploration Jacket dyed Blue and Brown. Dread Forged Weaponmaster Gloves. Mandalorian Clansman Legs. Obroan Weaponmaster Boots.

Tulak Hord set.

The Original Revan Set.

Tough choices. And want to make sure to have room for future ideas, sets, and other characters. More to come.