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Friday, July 27, 2012

SDCC 2012. Year Six for me.

SDCC 2012. Year Six for me.

-Biggest con crew yet. 10 people in 2 rooms at the hard rock hotel right across from the convention center.

-Once again was able to attend preview night. Attempted to find out about about community and breaking bad signings. Both were not ticketed, more of a random choosing from the crowd.

-Went to drop off my list of art requests for Katie Cook. Picked up art of my Star wars The Old Republic character from Grant Gould.

-Spent the rest of preview night just checking out booths and looking for handouts, which weren't as common as years past.


-Not a big day for panels. Just Attended the video game "Beyond. two souls" from the creator of "Heavy rain". Was able to get a pic with the creator David Cage and one of the actors Kadeem Hardison. Dwayne Wayne! Ellen Page was in attendance for the panel but was whisked away pretty quickly.


As far as panels. i actually spent a ton of time in them this year. pretty much all Friday and Saturday. Friday was tv. community(fun!) Firefly(emotional) (Oh yeah i'll upload or find a better video of that panel for ya) got a joss panel all to himself that was entertaining. And that day topped off with breaking bad (great to see the cast feel the con love)


Saturday was the big movie day. Django(tarintino was impressive as ever) pacific rim (Del torro is so funny, and could be a cool monster/robot movie) Campaign (Was surprise panel, Ferrel had the crowd rolling) Man of steel (the trailer, villain got exposed by question asker) Godzilla (Looks like a serious take on it) The Hobbit (This one was pretty impressive. 12 minutes of the film and andy serkis on stage using the gollum voice to curse) As far as showmanship though the marvel panel really stood out. Antman test footage. thor and cap titles. guardians of the galaxy announcement with rocket raccoon! Robert Downey Jr running through the crowd with ironman arm on. Favereau showing up to support new dirrector and the ironman 3 footage with ben kingsley Mandarin reveal.