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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tulak Hord's Armor set. New pvp look for Zissou in Star Wars The Old Republic

So finally completed the Tulak Hord's Armor set. I'm going to use it as a new pvp look for Zissou who's just been running the basic look of Brutalizer. Which is pretty surprising considering how many outfits i buy, and how many of my characters I've recently outfitted.

I usually watch for good prices on the gtn, but I hadn't seen the Tulak set drop and I figure it's only going to get more expensive once the pack is embargoed on Tuesday. Completed the set by picking up the chest for 1.8 mill and the Helmet for 2 mill. :/ Usually try not to go over 1 mill for the stuff I want the most, but I ended up missing the Bantha while it was going for 4, and now the only ones up are going for 9 mill. I figure some kind of other bantha is bound to pop up somewhere. Really want a Bantha for the tat house. Speaking of This Tulak pickup puts another dent in the house fund. I was just recovering the credits I spent in getting the Rancor in the casino event. Oh well. A month to make it up :)

I also noticed the name of a few of the armor sets that are expected in the new club vertica set. Going to keep my eye on the gtn early for Rholan Dyre's set for Tio-Salamanca and the temple guardian set for Kingsley-ned.

Didn't get too much response on who should wear the Mandalore armor but I did get 2 votes for Kaw-liga so he gets that and figure Tio will get the new Rholan Dyre's set when it drops.

Anyways a couple Pics of Zissou in the Tulak Hord set. I still need to pull mods to place in it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

2014 NBA Draft Tweets. No sign of a Love to the Warriors Trade. Yet. And cool new KD shoe ad.

2014 NBA Draft Tweets. No sign of a Love to the Warriors Trade. Yet. I really don't want to give up Klay, but Love is intriguing. Still when it comes down to it Love is similar to Lee, so not that much of an upgrade.

Anyways. Tweeted about the top 10 Drafted.


THE BADDEST | Kevin Durant

Zissou featured on Corellian Run Radio

I was honored to hear my guildie @Heather_PLS and @JT_HoloNet of @CorellianRun mention this blog on one of the podcasts they did. I just wanted to say thanks and post a couple links to their sites and link to posts they mentioned.

Corellian Run Radio


And Link to the master posting of all characters and companion outfits 

Thanks again yall! :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Who Wore It Better? Mandalore The Ultimate set in Star Wars The Old Republic

So with all the new outfits I've picked up off the gtn. Figured i'm actually going to use them even though, as I've mentioned :p , I've already dressed all my characters and their companions.

So hoping for a little feedback on which character looks better in the Mandalore The Ultimate set?

First we have Tattooed Human Tio-Salamanca Bounty Hunter Mercenary with Duel Heavy Modified Blaster Carbines. He was in parts of Mandalore the preserver mixed with contract hunter parts as seen in his name link.

Or we have Sith Pureblood Kaw-liga Smuggler Scoundrel with Outbreak Response Blaster. He also was in a partial outfit as seen in the name link. Cassus Fett chest with Section X armor.

So yeah. Which character looks cooler in Mandalore The Ultimate's set? By the way i've also thrown a orange blue dye on these preview images.

Either Comment here. Over on Twitter  ,or on  Instagram

LeBron Opts Out Of Deal. Would love to see him on the Warriors. :) lol

Shoutout to Trapped in Golden State. Found this pic on a google search for Lebron Warriors :)

"LeBron James' agent, Rich Paul, has informed the Miami Heat that James will exercise his early termination option and become an unrestricted free agent on July 1."

So Lebron is moving on possibly. Starting to think he will stay in Miami, but if the Warriors even had a small chance to land him they should take a flyer. I'd be completely fine with only a 2 year deal if that's all we could get.

Imagine having both Bron and Curry on the same team. Guessing we would have to let Lee go. But if we could still keep Curry, Klay, Andre, and get Bron. Wow! that could be quite the quick scoring athletic team. Still have Bogut, Draymond, and Barnes too.

Yeah probably not realistic to think this will happen. But really this could be an amazing team and I know how much Bron respects Curry so who knows.

Monday, June 23, 2014

More new outfits from the Star Cluster pack and Nar Shaddaa event Kingpin Gear in Star Wars The Old Republic

Couldn't help but pick up a few more new outfits :P Even though my main 8 and all of their companions are already dressed, as well as my other 8 alts.

Ajunta Pall's set as modeled by Jaesa. Still not sure who's gonna use it. It's an ok set. the bottom part is a little plain.

Revered Seer also modeled by Jaesa. Pretty sure i'm going to use this set on one of my characters. Possibly Darrjeeling, but been pretty set on keeping her in the darth sion set.

Mandalore The Ultimate set. Pretty sure i'm going to use this set on my merc Tio-Salamanca. Right now he's in parts of Mandalore The Preserver set with contract hunter bottom parts. Might keep the bottom hunter parts on.

And lastly The Kingpin armor set as modeled by Heisenberg. Also picked up the kingpin tommygun for him. A little bit of an issue with the back of the outfit though. wish i would of noticed this before picking it up.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Game Day USA! "It's called the group of death. makes sense. Because we're in it" Kiefer Sutherland's Hype video for #USMNT #WorldCup #IBelieve !! #IBelieveThatWeWillWin

Game Day USA! "It's called the group of death. makes sense. Because we're in it" #IBelieve !! #IBelieveThatWeWillWin #USMNT #WorldCup

Loved this hype up video from the start of the Ghana game. We can clinch moving on with a win today. I Believe That We Will Win!!

Hyped for today's match! Let's go

Friday, June 13, 2014

Rancor from the Star Wars The Old Republic Festival of Splendor event !!

Finally got the Rancor from the Star Wars The Old Republic Festival of Splendor event. I'm pretty happy it finally dropped for me. I ended up spending a little more than I planned on the event. I cut into my savings for the Tatooine house when galactic strongholds launches. Now I can start saving up again.
Overall I got about 60 Golden Certificates before the rancor dropped. Enough for all the stuff. Might just pick it up to have for later if ever wanted. Already got the assault cannon for jacq. The GO7-DY droid which will be cool for the house. So yup glad to have it mainly for the achievement. The rancor is cool, I like to pick up at least 1 of each ride type, but I could of got 1 off the gtn if I wasn't chasing that achievement lol.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zissou with Giradda The Hutt

Looking around the casino event. About to start spending. So I took a quick screen with Giradda the hutt :P

Star Cluster Nightlife pack. Preview pic of the couple items I got

Eh. Took a roll on 2 of the new packs since i had just enough left for 2 packs after the sale this last weekend. Got The Ajusta Pall mask (Probably buy the rest of this set off the gtn) , Exquisite Champion Duelsaber, and Xoxaan's gloves. Got a few new scrap parts that say they can be traded in too. eh. took a roll. Kinda want the Tulak Hord armor set once it hits the gtn.

Anyways here's the preview of Zissou trying on The Ajusta Pall mask, Exquisite Champion Duelsaber, and Xoxaan's gloves.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Nike Soccer: The Last Game ft. Cristiano Ronaldo, Tim Howard, Wayne Rooney, and more for World Cup 2014

Featuring: Animated Cristiano Ronaldo, animated Wayne Rooney, animated Neymar Jr., animated Zlatan Ibrahimović, animated Andrés Iniesta, animated David Luiz, animated Franck Ribéry, animated Tim Howard and animated Ronaldo Fenomeno.

Pretty cool! Looking forward to the world cup. Gonna be tough for the US but I'm ready to cheer em on!

Star Wars Battlefront Official Trailer E3 2014

Wow!!!! Now this feels next gen. Man love the spirit of Star Wars they captured in this video.

Way more excited for this than I thought I would be. Some pretty amazing game graphics.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Cartel sale pickups and a possible new outfit for Tenenbaum in Star Wars The Old Republic

Took advantage of some of the cartel deals yesterday, even though I've dressed all characters and companions as seen in the post below.

I picked up a couple Sand People Pillager Armor Sets, A VX-9 Mailoc (Even though I don't GSF very much), A TM-59 Blaster Pistol, Gold Scalene Armor Set, Corsec Electrobaton, and a Infected Womp Weasel.

Besides theTusken armor i'm not sure what i'm going to do with most of it, but it's good to have on hand if I ever do considering all of it cost only about 500 cc's.  

Thinking about using the Tusken Pillager armor chest and belt on Tenenbaum with red/black dye kit. He always needs the red/black dye kit to match his blindfold. :)

I'll probably switch it over, but always so pricey to pull the mods plus you have to buy new aug kits for the new parts of the gear. This switch wouldn't be too bad though. Only 2 pieces.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Master Post. Links to all the posts I made on my Star Wars The Old Republic character outfits and customization's.

Links to all the posts I made on my Star Wars The Old Republic character outfits and customization's.

Figure most of the posts I made contain so many pictures and are so long they fall off the page, So it made sense to made sort of a master post with links to all of the characters in 1 post.

Zissou. Sith Warrior Maurader and His Companions.

Tenenbaum. Imperial Agent Sniper and His Companions.

Darrjeeling. Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer and Her Companions.

Magnatude. Bounty Hunter Powertech and His Companions.

Jacques-Yves. Republic Trooper Commando and His Companions.

Kingsley-Ned Zissou. Jedi Knight Guardian and His Companions.

Old-Sport. Jedi Consular Shadow and His Dark Side Companions

Kaw-liga. Smuggler Scoundrel and his companions.

Tio Salamanca Mercenary, Heisenberg Operative and my other Imperial Secondary Characters of Star Wars The Old Republic.

Grand Budapest Sage, Lincoln Osiris Vanguard and my other Republic Secondary Characters of Star Wars The Old Republic.

Last 2 Characters Jade Summer Jedi Knight and TheoWan Sith Assassin of Star Wars The Old Republic

Did We Live Too Fast. I'm loving this Dan the Automator of Deltron 3030 collaboration with Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Almost feels like this doesn't fit with all the Star Wars The Old Republic posts i've been making in this reborn blog but i'm listening to this over and over right now.

Described as "Cinematic" I'm loving this Dan the Automator of Gorillaz and Deltron 3030 collaboration with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's Mary Elizabeth Winstead who did some vocals on the last Deltron3030 album.

Huge Gorillaz fan, Huge Deltron fan, Huge Automator fan in general, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World remains a top 10 film in my personal rankings. :)

Despair over Corrupter Zero in Star Wars The Old Republic's Dread Fortress.

Just a quick screen of last night's Dread Fortress HM Corrupter Zero. Comments were made about how it looked like we were in mourning over Corrupter Zero. :)

And Tenenbaum over Zero.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last 2 Characters Jade Summer Jedi Knight and TheoWan Sith Assassin of Star Wars The Old Republic

These last 2 characters are my daughters character and my original guild placeholder character.

Jade Summer in Stately Dress outfit with battler lightsabers. My daughter picked out this outfit for her chracter and I sent it over and added the mods and whatnot for her.

And finally character number 18. This guy is just a memorial placeholder of the first guild I had in the game It was made up of alot of the people I used to play Star Wars Galaxies. Pretty much all of them left the game a few months after launch, so I moved on to where i've been ever since. I miss those guys but Despair has been pretty awesome. We regularly run Ops weekly as well as the other things in the game, pvp, star fighter and all of that. Anyways TheoWan here is a tribute to the name of my character back in SWG. I'm really not a fan of the name, lol, but that's what I came up with back then. It was with TheoWan that I designed houses in swg. I'll probably never level this character but he will remain a placeholder in memorial of Vitriol. 

TheoWan in Inquisitor's vestments with the rest Series 505 cybernetic parts. Double Bladed Lightsaber with Pre order black and yellow color crystal.

I think my next step is a post with quick links to all the individual characters for easier viewing. After that maybe a screenshot here and there. But once galactic strongholds launches I'm really looking forward to sharing what I come up with and where all these dressed companions end up in the house. Oh yeah It's gotta be the Tatooine house for me and my companions.

So it looks like they just dropped this video on the Coruscant Skyrise Apartment. Cool to see the part with all the pets out. But yeah I'm gonna be designing the one on Tatooine. Another tribute to where i lived in swg, also i've always liked tat in all things Starwars.