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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Next Time on The E Society Podcast November 10th 2016

The Nez and I record about once a week, sometimes twice, sometimes week and a half. Most likely we'll have a new episode for ya Saturday. A Bunch of topics to discuss and I've been thinking of blogging more as a supplement for the pod like the previous post. So some of what you'll hear.

-Election fallout. Now we aren't a political pod, we like to keep it positive and on the entertainment tip. But I have just a few things i wanna say about it. A few quotes, etc. Promise it won't go longer then 5 minutes.

-Nez's Raiders and Zissou's Broncos :/ :)

-The last week of Warriors basketball. Thunder, Lakers, Pelicans, Mavs, and Nugget games.

- Dr Strange Movie impressions!

-Impractical Jokers Nitro Circus Live

-Walking Dead. thoughts on episode 2 and 3.

-Deadpool 2. Domino and Director

-Quick hits. Westworld? Black Mirror? NES classic. Watchdogs2? Rogue One International Trailer, and figure finds. Target black friday ad. The Accountant. Investigation Discovery/80s deadliest. Nez to ABQ con. 

-Random song recommendation. 

-Random movie recommendation 

-Closing quote

In the meantime you can listen to all the previous E Society pods and Mac Nez pods on both itunes and podbean. :)

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