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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kaw-liga. Smuggler Scoundrel and his companions.

Kaw-Liga was the last character story I completed. Probably my least used character of my eight 55's.

Kaw-Liga The Smuggler Scoundrel in Cassus Fett armor with other misc pieces. Wielding the Rakghoul event Thorn Outbreak Response Blaster.

Corso Riggs in Star Forager armor set. With Black Nebula Heavy Blaster. It took me FOREVER to dig up the complete star forager set. Took under a month to get full Dreadseed (Which I don't have on a companion since Zissou is using the boots) but it took 4-5 months to finally dig up the last piece of Star Forager. So yeah someone had to wear it. :)

Bowdarr in Customization 8. With Gamorrean Axe. Cool new cartel pack customization. Kinda reminds me of the some of the wookies in revenge of the sith.

Risha in the Atton Rand set.With Interstellar Regulator’s Sniper Rifle Aurek. Risha was a tough one to find a good set for, but I was really happy with this Atton Rand set it looks likes a stylish smuggler type outfit and it kinda matches the bun hair.

Guss Tuno in The Ambitious Warrior set. Guss is one of my favorite companions. As a failed Jedi recruit he cracks me up all the time talking about "I healed you with the force!" while you can clearly see him using the healing equipment others do. So this outfit was a given for a pretend Jedi.

Akaavi Spar in The Mandalorian Hunter armor set. Probably spent a little more then I should of on this one considering it was just for a companion, but figured I had to get something Mandalorian themed for Akaavi or Torian.

That completes the eight 55's and all the companions in The Old Republic. I'll still make a couple more posts with screens of the secondary other eight advanced classes as well as my daughter's character and the character I have holding onto the original guild Vitrol for memorials sake.

Old-Sport. Jedi Consular Shadow and His Dark Side Companions

"Having a good time, old sport?"
"I’m afraid I haven’t been a very good host, old sport."
"Sorry old sport, I though you knew."
"There is anything that you want. Just ask for it, old sport."
"Sorry to keep her from you, old sport."
"Good night, old sport. Good night."
"It’s pretty, isn't it, old sport?"
"Look here, old sport. What is your opinion of me anyhow?"

:) Yes Old-Sport came from the Great Gatsby catch phrase. As seen in the video below it's used quite often.

"Then came the war, old sport." Yes the War. Old-Sport is one of my Dark Siders. Had to have at least 1 Dark Jedi. I'm pretty happy with the way his dark side appearance turned out with his Cathar style and Grey Hair, he looks like quite the old sport. :P

Jedi Consular Shadow Old-sport in Verpine Force Lord with misc pieces. And Cathar Warstaff which was perfect for this character.

Qyzen Fess in Forest Scout armor set. With Gladiator’s Striker Techblade. I struggled with Qyzen's outfit, he was the last companion I had to pick an outfit for. This one works pretty well for his hunter style though.

Theran Ced in K-23 Hazmat armor set. Perfect for Theran the scientist, gear for his latest projects and experiments.

Lieutenant Iresso in Destroyer armor set. Picked up this set during the cartel sale a few weeks back. Another set I wasn't too sure what I was going to do with it, but I think this set worked out really well with Iresso. Matches the face customization i got for him, and works well for this dark side crew.

Nadia Grell in Ancient Infernal armor Set. Cartel Market Duel Saber. Dark Side Disciple.

Zenith in Red Scalene/Tron armor set. Another set that goes perfect with the dark side customization I picked up for him.

The last of the Republic main 4 is next. Kaw-Liga the smuggler But of course, you don’t need to take my word for it, old sport. :P

Friday, May 30, 2014

Kingsley-Ned Zissou. Jedi Knight Guardian and His Companions.

Jedi Knight Guardian Kingsley-Ned is a Sith Pureblood. Born to the sith he was raised by the Jedi and is faithful to the light side of the force. Many of his companions walk dangerously close to the dark side, but Kingsley guides them into the light.

Kingsley-Ned in Recovered Hero chestplate with Blue Scalene/Tron armor set.

T7-01 in Customization 5. T7 + Jedi = Unstoppable :P

Kira Carsen in Voss Rep. Voss Ambassador set. Cartel Duel Saber with Silver-Blue Color Crystal.

Sergeant Rusk in Section X rep Section Guardian armor set. Corellian Bunker Buster Grek

Lord Scourge in Honored Master Chest with Valiant Jedi set. One of my favorite custom sets I made. Scourge the Jedi Knight with Cathar Honor Sword.

Doc in Darth Malek armor set. AD-11 Heavy Blaster. In a opposite situation from Scourge, Doc's outfit isn't very fitting. In this light side crew wearing a Darth's armor set. Had to be someone since the price is pretty high on this set and Kingsley's had it since it was released in the packs.

Next is Dark side Fallen Jedi Consular Shadow. Old-Sport.

Jacques-Yves. Republic Trooper Commando and His Companions.

Jacques-Yves. Commando. Havoc Squad. Flyboys and Assassins. Jacq is my main Republic character for both pve and pvp. I would of loved to name him Cousteau, but it was taken. I keep checking to see if it becomes available.

Jacques-Yves in Verpine Boltblaster chest with the rest White Scalene/Tron armor set. Gree Event Grey Helix Assault Cannon.

Jacques-Yves Pvp Gear. Brutalizer Eliminator set. Kyber Assault Cannon

Aric Jorgan in Blue Scalene/Tron set. Thunderburst Dual-Cannon.

Elara Dorne in the Makeb rep Republic Protector set. Balmorran Hand Cannon Aurek with Silver-Blue Color Crystal.

M1-4x in Customization 2. Havoc Squad!

Yuun in Ironclad Soldier armor set.

Tanno Vik in KDY Shipwright's armor set. This was quite the investment to buy just for a companion, but it works well as commando armor for havoc squad.

Hk-51 in Republic Assault HK Customization.

Havoc Squad!! Pretty happy with the overall look of the squad. All in types of solider armor.

Next is Jedi Knight Guardian Kingsley-Ned Zissou.